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This site is designed to save you time, help you go over things a few times, revise thoroughly and work up to the difficult exam questions, so subjects and concepts are firmly fixed in your mind. We recommend you repeat the quizzes a few times and check your timing on them, you should find each time you go cover it in a shorter time as you learn. Copy them down if you can as writing engages you and helps as a memory aid. Hopefully it will motivate you to cover topics quickly, enable you to learn more effectively, have more spare time and get great grades without having to work too hard.

If you want to see who we are, check out the reviews too. We look forward to hearing from you. These quizzes have been made by two teachers, Linda, who covers one to one online lessons and Charlotte who teaches group lessons online. We look forward to bringing you lots more help over the coming years.

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11+, GCSE and A Level Reviews

Sammera K 23rd August 2022


The quizzes for 11+ are an amazing method of learning, you can go through them numerous times to help aid memory and confidence. They are set to the exact requirements for the course and cover all the work done together as well as containing extra learning. You can also copy them up in your own time so you can use them as often as needed. They work alongside highly recommended books and contain work from the basics right through to top level exam questions. They are excellent in explaining the tricky parts clearly and contain lots of application questions. The quizzes have been an excellent form of learning for my son, they have helped him learn a lot for his exams and he has thoroughly enjoyed doing them. They also contain answers which has helped us both. The shuffle button at the bottom means I can retest him and ensure he knows everything thoroughly.

JamesG-2322 3rd April 2022


Really grateful for Linda’s help with preparing my son for the 11 plus exam for our local grammar school. She went above and beyond to help prepare him. She is really knowledgeable, patient, and her commitment to the cause was exemplary. We now have an excited son who has been accepted at our local grammar school!! We will definitely continue to ask Linda to tutor our children through their schooling years.

AA-309 12th November 2021


My eldest daughter began tutoring for her 11+ with Linda, only six months before the exam due to a previous tutor being on maternity leave. Linda was fantastic, she really knows what's required to get to the pass standard and has a wealth of resources that she uses to excellent effect. I firmly believe that without Linda my daughter wouldn't have finished in the top 360 and as such will receive an offer of a place at NHGS. Thanks for everything Linda!!!

Katam P 1st November 2021


What can I say about Linda?.... Absolutely Fantastic! she taught my son for just over a year and helped get him into a really top high school. My son loved his lessons. She helped make learning fun and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you for your help with Krish (11+)

Gulnaz K 09/01/2021


Our experience with Linda was a very pleasant one and I am so glad I found her! I contacted her for my son as we wanted to prepare him for the 11+ examination. Linda was very passionate about getting my son through and worked extremely hard familiarising him with all the material he would need. I am pleased to say all the hard work payed off and my son was offered the place at the desired school. (11+ ) We wouldn’t have got through this 11+ journey without the enthusiasm, perseverance and encouragement from Linda. Thank you so much Linda , your a ⭐️

Yellowspoon47-3 03/02/2021


I needed a tutor for my son’s Abubakr 11 plus grammer test. After reading a yell review I decided to take the plunge. Boys as we are all aware always need that extra push.. they always tend to just do the.minimum. Now Linda was nothing short of a God-send, she’s confident, authoritative, has high expectation and most of all bring the best out of all children Abubakr was tentative but with every lesson his confidence grew with his knowledge. To be the best is much more than knowledge it's a mindset we must adapt and this is Linda’s forte. I'm so proud of my son passing the 11 plus exam and being offered a place at Halifax Grammer. I'm equally thankful for all the care, support and passion Linda has utilised in allowing my son Abubakr to attain his potential. The best investment we can give our children is a good education a life long gift. Thank you Linda.... we will be forever grateful for your invaluable knowledge and passion in ensuring my son passed his 11 plus test.

ChrisH-8968 23rd December 2020


Linda has been brilliant through our 11 plus journey after a very different 2020 due to the current pandemic. Linda was highly recommended to us by a customer of mine who already has children at a Halifax Grammar school being tutored by her in the past. My son began tutoring with Linda in her classroom but then seamlessly switched to online via Skype due to lockdown restrictions and it worked perfectly. The exam moved from 26th September to 7th November this year due to COVID so we have only just had the order or merit results which we are thrilled with. I couldn’t recommend Linda enough. She is extremely patient and accommodating and will push your child to be the absolute best they can be whilst keeping them interested and motivated. I am so happy she was recommended to us. Thanks Linda, see you again when our youngest is ready to start preparing for his 11 plus. Chris H (Halifax)

GCSE and A Level Reviews

TracyA-124 18th Jan 2020


Linda has taught both my girls on numerous subjects to GCSE level immensely patient knowledgeable & adaptive thank you Linda x

03/09/2019 MegN-3


Linda has been with my family not as a tutor but more like a family member. She is a very hard working person, friendly and approachable. She has taught my son focusing mainly for science subjects for GCSE's and he secured 9's for all the subjects she taught .She is currently teaching him A Levels in Chemistry ,Maths ,Physics and Biology .She is also teaching my younger son who is in KS3. I would recommend Linda for GCSE's and A Level Science Maths and English.

1st September 2019 SamB-742


Linda has supported my daughter with various subject areas over the last few years. She is flexible, dedicated and has vast subject knowledge in order to switch from one subject area to another with little notice from us - we have really appreciated this. She has kept my daughter motivated and up to speed with changes in the curriculum. Linda has immense experience of tutoring students which helped my daughter through different stages of her education. To conclude, my daughter has exceeded her predicted grades in all her subjects and achieved excellent GCSE results this summer.

1st September 2019 Samantha W -278


Linda has tutored my son over the past year in preparation for his Chemistry GCSE She has been excellent in her approach to my sons needs & style of learning Can highly recommend

8th June 2018 BarryH-207


Taught both my sons and she was outstanding and kids loved her. Could not rate her enough she goes beyond expectations (GCSEs in Maths, English and Sciences)

29th December 2018 VictoriaH-171


My daughter went for tuition with Linda over the summer before undertaking the 11+ exam ( for entrance to one of the grammar schools in our area). My daughter enjoyed these sessions and spoke highly of Linda and was eager to learn. Linda adapted to her strengths and weaknesses and also set specific homework based on my daughters learning needs. Linda was flexible with booking the sessions and good communication with myself. This resulted in my daughter doing very well in the exam and being able to select her first choice of grammar school.

17th December 2018 Shaista Y


As as a family we have known Linda for over 6 years, initially I contacted her to help my niece who failed her mock GCSE's, Linda worked endlessly with her and she achieved all A's and B's in her actual GCSE's. For the past two years Linda has supported my daughter who was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, she covered Maths, English, and Science with her. Her style of teaching made it easy for my daughter to understand the subject matter, she also made my daughter believe in herself and her abilities. This summer my daughter gained her GCSE's all in the A* and A grades. I can not put into words how much I appreciate Linda's efforts, her dedication to the student and her ability to keep a young person focused is amazing. Linda is truly gifted in this line of work and she will be supporting my younger daughter through her studies. Thank you Linda, you are an amazing!

11th December 2018 DawnP - 100


Linda started helping my daughter for her GCSE’S , due to a year of supply teachers in some subjects. Linda came to our house each week and worked with my daughter filling in all the missing gaps . Linda’s reassurance that my daughter had covered all the necessary topics ,for the exams put my daughters mind at rest and improved her confidence. Linda was extremely patient, tailoring the lessons to my daughters needs. and she excelled with the extra tuition, achieving Grade A’s in Maths , Physics & Chemistry the subjects Linda helped with. Highly recommend

19th December 2017 NavyTrophy95


Linda is the most dedicated and passionate tutor we have ever met. She worked with our daughter for a year to prepare her for the 11+. Our daughter didn't just pass these exams she obtained a very high ranking. Our daughter couldn't have achieved these results without Linda. Linda is an enthusiastic teacher who inspired our daughter. We could see the progress in English and Maths after each lesson. Linda kept our daughter smiling through this year as well developing her confidence and hunger to learn more. Thank you Linda.

14th December 2017 Graycoins56


For the past seven years Linda has helped all my four children pass their exams. My oldest daughter finished her degree at Bradford University last year and received help planning and proofreading essays when she first started and with her final dissertation. She is now working for social services with young families. My second daughter is currently undertaking a degree in nursing and Linda had more time with her for her GCSEs. At the moment Linda is working with my two youngest sons. During her time with us, we have worked as a team, her lessons are always enjoyable and we do lots of work during holidays. Often I have been left work to do with my children during the week and the results are clear to see. I have started with the boys earlier than the girls and I am sure it will show in their results in the next two years. It has made all the difference to my children's lives and their careers are secure.

13th December 2017 RikS-7


Absolutely brilliant! My Daughter had a different tutor for 18 months, then prior to the summer holidays cut off contact with all her students. We were recommended to Linda. In the 6 -10 weeks she got my daughter to the level to pass her exam. Her teaching methods and her availability after teaching hours was fantastic.

10th December 2017 JanetaG


Linda taught my twin boys for three months, prepared them for 11+ exam, in a short period of time, my boys quickly gained their confidence, big thank you to Linda for all her hard work, twins managed to pass 11 + exam. She quickly adapts to your level and meets your needs. I would definitely recommend Linda, she is an amazing teacher and a lovely lady. Thank you so much!

30th August 2017 DeborahB-54


Linda started teaching my daughter after she received poor mock GCSE results. Linda came to our house for 2 hours a week and patiently worked with my daughter. My daughters confidence improved massively and she started to believe in herself thanks to Linda's teaching methods. Linda is a lovely lady with a great personality and I would highly recommend her. One thing I would say from a parents point of view is if you think your child is struggling don't leave it too late to contact Linda. Get her involved as soon as you realise there's a problem

2nd January 2017 Mohammed-35


Linda started Turing my son when he got behind his School lessons due to an illness. From day one, she prepared a teaching/tutoring plan for the key subjects and then the tutoring commenced. Linda was very good with my son and quickly gained his confidence, trust and respect. She was excellent in explaining key concepts for each of his topics and then, as his confidence developed, he was able to catch up and indeed exceed the School's pace. I could write more on Linda's tutoring but suffice it to say that my son passed all his GCSE's, all with good grades and above the School's predicted grades. He is currently doing his A levels. In summary, I strongly recommend Linda.

1st January 2017 JayneK


A great teacher and an even lovelier person. You could not ask for a better tutor. Linda was fantastic both outside and inside the lessons, really putting a lot of effort into them. We particularly focused on Physics and English and she helped me to achieve A*'s in both. Linda really was tremendous.

RaahatR 19th December 2016


A great teacher and an even lovelier person. You could not ask for a better tutor. Linda was fantastic both outside and inside the lessons, really putting a lot of effort into them. We particularly focused on Physics and English and she helped me to achieve A*'s in both. Linda really was tremendous

17th December 2016 SabahK-2


Linda was one of the best tutors I've had! My grades in Maths and English soared after I'd been taught by her. I couldn't believe the progress I made! Linda is also very friendly and makes you feel comfortable around her. She helped me understand things I couldn't in school. I thought it'd be difficult for me to grasp certain things because I found them difficult in school, but Linda made it easier for me to understand. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!

5th December 2016 MarieH-42


Linda tutored my son for several years with great care and skill. She started by helping him get through his SATS in year 6, pulling him up a grade boundary and successfully preparing him for his 11+. Going on to tutor him in throughout high school in preparation for his GCSEs in Math, English and Science, ensuring he achieved a grade A in each subject. Her experience and kindness throughout the years have been invaluable and set him in good stead for his future studies. We cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!

5th December 2016 MarieC-51


Linda is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who will help you achieve your goals no matter how motivated you are. She injects excitement into every aspect of learning and her teaching boosted my children's grades significantly. Thank you for your amazing support and service and always going the extra mile.


11+, GCSE and A Level Reviews

AbubakrM-1: 06 May 2022

Life-saving resources and extremely helpful

Miss Charlotte has been the best tutor I've had so far. Providing me with countless revision material which I wouldn't have thought of, and helps the studends understand the topic properly before giving them questions to try. She has been giving homework that ensures a complete understanding of the homework. Not only this but it's helped me keep busy throughout the week rather than wasting time. Now that my finals are here, Miss Charlotte has given revision resources, exam style questions, 1 to 1 help both in person and online, which has greatly increased my knowledge in my weak areas of subjects. Service is great as she helps creates plans to stay organised, quality of work it outstanding and the time to complete the work we are given is enough, but sometimes we do have other things that go on which means that we won't have time to fully complete the homework. Overall, extremely helpful and if I had to rate more than 5 stars, I would give it a million out of 5 :)

OliviaR-115: 05 May 2022

Thank you so much for all you have done this year!

Thank you for all your help with Emily this year Charlotte! She learnt so much with you in such a short space of time. Seeing the results reflected in her grades leaping up three levels in just 7 months, after all the gaps in her learning because of covid really you've made a huge difference and really saved her GCSES! She's feeling really ready for her exams now.

PeterE-288: 14 Jul 2020

Very good tutor!

Charlotte is a lovely and caring tutor. The way she conducts herself is extremely professional but very approachable. We had an initial consultation where she assessed the needs of my son and where he was currently with his school work. very thorough & impressive.

AlisonR-265: 14 Jul 2020


Outstanding results from Charlotte. Very impressed in her approach to tutoring my daughter enabling her to get the results she needed and becoming comfortable with the syllabus. Thank you.

AngieW-47: 15 Jun 2020

Brilliant - thank you!

Can't recommend Charlotte enough! My eldest was really struggling with his work and catching up with his peers, so reached out to Charlotte. He is now doing really well and on track to achieving the results he is capable of.

MattD-296: 01 Jun 2020


Fantastic work from Charlotte very please with results and now my some has got into his university of choice. It took a lot of hard work from both sides but we're very happy for him, and glad we found Charlotte to help him reach his full potential.

PaulP-748: 30 May 2020

Charlotte is great

we were looking for a tutor to really help build the confidence of our daughter so she would have a more positive attitude towards her school work. The results were amazing, and it really reflected in her school work

CarolH-410: 25 May 2020

Amazing tutor

Wow. What an amazing tutor. had some trouble finding a good tutor for daughter but Charlotte has exceeded our expectations above and beyond. we're very thankful!!

MaryW-314: 18 Mar 2020

Great results!

Charlotte tutored my daughter through her A Level Biology & Chemistry and the results were great. Getting through her sciences was her main focus due to wanting to go onto her degree of choice at university and she really excelled. I can't thank Charlotte enough for her helping my daughter.

CharlotteM-386: 17 Mar 2020


My son was struggling with his school work and was a bit apprehensive to begin tutoring but after starting with Charlotte he was becoming more comfortable with it as his results were improving which was lovely to see! He ended up getting higher than his predicted grades & I can't thank Charlotte enough for her professionalism and encouragement!!

AmberF-12: 16 Mar 2020

Maths A Level - amazing!

Thank you Charlotte - what an amazing tutor you are! From my first initial meeting with Charlotte she was keen to see where my daughter was at with her current school work to assess how she could best help her. She had been struggling with her A Level Maths, and after being tutored by Charlotte she is more relaxed about her exams and her school work has hugely improved - thank you!!

HarryA-101: 13 Mar 2020


Charlotte tutors my daughter Biology &Chemistry at A level, and my daughter now feels much more confident when it comes to her understanding of the topics and it's showing in her work & mocks. Thank you so much Charlotte for working so hard to get her to this point!!!

SimoneB-50: 28 Feb 2020

Results speak for themselves!

Charlotte's a brilliant tutor. She's attentive, helpful and really put in the extra effort to make sure my boys are working on what they need to. At first we were only going to send our eldest but he was doing so well with Charlotte that now all three of them are being tutored by her. Completely worth it, can't recommend enough!

FionaH-343: 08 Dec 2018

Thank you Charlotte!

Charlotte is tutoring my son who is in Year 8 for Math, English and Science. I can't believe the difference it has made in his results since September- he was consistently getting below 60% in his tests and although he felt like he was understanding things at school it just wasn't showing with his grades. He just sat his end of term tests and got above 80% in everything! I'm so impressed with not only the way she explains the information thoroughly, but also how she organises his school work and homework schedule! I'm over the moon and he really enjoys his sessions! Thank you so much Charlotte for all your hard work!!

FarrahK-1: 27 Oct 2018

Makes such a difference!

Charlotte taught my son through his GCSEs for 2 years and the grades he achieved couldn't have been done without her support! She is now preparing my other son for his SATS, I couldn't recommend her enough! We've had tutors before but Charlotte really knows how to break things down so that they understand every part of the topic and she has made such a big difference with his progress at school already.

DaisyO-4: 14 Jun 2018

Amazing tutor!

I've been tutored by Charlotte for two years throughout my GCSE's. Charlotte has helped me in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English and Maths. By attending both private classes for the topics I found most tricky, and classes for exam practice my results have improved massively and I've gone from a level 3 in Chemistry to a predicted level 7 across the board. I'm looking forward to starting my A levels in September with Charlotte and would recommend the lessons to everyone!

MarieH-42: 14 Mar 2018

Thank you!

Charlotte tutored my daughter through her GCSE's in Math, English and Science, it is now March and she has completed the entire syllabus with her! She got a level 8 in her mock test at school and she has 3 weeks off from Charlotte now to revise everything she has learnt, we could not have expected her to be in such a strong position at this time in year 11 because at the start of year 10 when she started tuition she was struggling to achieve a level 4! Could not recommend enough!!

AnikaS-2: 26 Sep 2017

Well worth it!

My daughter was in Charlotte's SATS class for the last two years, she was hitting her targets at school but we felt we needed to give her some focus and direction because Year 5 and 6 were such important years. She achieved a level 5 in math and english which we were really pleased about but our main focus was how it affected her moving up to high school. Since she has started Year 7 the progress she made is so clear; she feels she has covered so much of the syllabus already with Charlotte and her confidence is through the roof. We will definitely be using Charlotte again in the future should she need the help!

JohnT-455: 04 Sep 2017

Excellent tutoring service

I’m writing this review on the back of my sons GCSE results- he has attended Charlotte’s KS3 and GCSE classes since he was in Yr 7 because we were having doubts about his school and he’d been struggling to keep up in class. Her teaching methods really helped him engage and once he started the classes he really looked forward to them. She gets a lot done with them each week and he really benefited from the extra attention he got from being in such a small class and his results show- grade A in english, math, biology and chemistry, grade A* in physics. He's got lots of doors open to him now and glad we found her when we did.

NatalieH-107: 01 Sep 2017

Results through and straight A*- A!!

Thank you so much for getting me through my Maths, English and Science GCSE!! Level 8 (A*) in Maths and English Language, A* in Biology and even Grade A in Chemistry and Physics!! I'm over the moon and I couldn't have done it without you!!! You made such a difference from where I was when we met and you were right all the hard work has totally paid off!! Thanks for believing in me!! Natalie

DebraW-27: 17 Jul 2017

A lovely, genuine tutor who really cares about her students!

Thank you Charlotte for getting Rosie through her GCSE Math and English, I cannot believe the difference you made in a year! You really motivated her after all the difficulties she had been having at school.. with you she was able to enjoy her studies again and achieve what we knew she was capable of! Thank you for everything! Debra x

HassanA-16: 25 Mar 2017

Knowledgeable and helpful tutor

Charlotte is a very good tutor. She really helped my son with his GCSE Math and Science, clearly explaining things that he was struggling with at school and motivating him. The weekly schedule she made for him really organised his studies and meant he kept on top of everything too.

MarieH-42: 05 Dec 2016

Outstanding tutor!!

Charlotte taught my daughter for several years, getting her through her SATS and GCSEs, helping her achieve a grade A in Maths, English and Science. Charlotte's experience and kindness throughout the years have been invaluable to my daughters progress and set the bar for her future studies. I couldn't recommend her any more highly!

LindaM-55: 11 Aug 2016

High quality service with good results!

Have used Charlotte for over 5 years to teach my 3 children Maths, English and Science at KS1/KS2 and GCSE level! Would highly recommend!!